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Webmaster Services

Web Design & Website Maintenance
Social Media Management & Online Brand Presence
Fully Customized E-Commerce Sites
100% Browser and Device Responsiveness

Original Website Design

  • Fully customized to your requirements & specifications
  • Mobile device responsiveness,
  • or separate, fully custom mobile experience
  • E-commerce platforms & training available
  • Maintenance & management packages available

Social Media

  • Vital for business
  • Create customer loyalty
  • Marketing management packages available
  • Highest ROI of advertizing dollars
  • All social media platforms supported
  • Training available

Rebuilds & Redesigns

  • Update your aging site
  • Add mobile-ready capabilities
  • Revamp your business identity
    • Website look change
    • Logo & brand appearance redesign
    • Matching Flyer/pamphlet/business cards
  • All social media platforms supported
  • Rogue Rex offers
    • Management
    • Training

Current Rogue Rex Portfolio

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Current Portfolio

Tommi's Frozen CustardClick to visit site

Tommi's Frozen Custard

Fully customized commercial website. Social media management. Facebook embeded and Google Maps integrated. Online presence was vital for successful launch of Tommi's.
Quality Hearing CareClick to visit site

VNCI Apparel

This client has requested a fully customized e-commerce website. VNCI is a start-up brand of active-wear. They will sell an ample line of designer clothing for the active consumer. This is the apex of web-master services. This is the project we'll be tackling next. Very much looking forward to working with VNCI

WCCClick to visit site

Williams Community Church

Fully customized website. Sermon audio playback/download integration. Bible verse look-up pop-up integration throughout - just hover over the reference to read the scripture.

WCCClick to visit site

Pedicures By Laurie

Custom one-page website. This client wanted online exposure, and a site to provide a backdrop for local print ad conversion.

SerendipityClick to visit site

Serendipity Hair Design Studio

Fully customized Business website. Current project. Completion Projected January 2016. Hair stylists and nail technicians are self employed but work out of the salon. They were each given a space on the site to showcase themselves and recruit new clients. Professional photographer hired to produce high quality images for this site. Included in design fee.

Quality Hearing CareClick to visit site

Quality Hearing Care

This client is a hearing instrument dealer with a mutual exclusivity contract with a manufacturer. This project was limited to creating a custom, responsive header with the clients' name and contact info. The manufacturer website was then embedded below.

Quality Hearing CareClick to visit site

City Plywood & Lumber Center

Brand new client! Welcome City Plywood to the Rogue Rex family! Website under construction, project under way. This client has requested a fully customized commercial website. It will contain a product and service list as well as supplier links. In negotiation for social media management as well. Site going live in the very near future. Stay tuned!

VNCI Apparel

This client has requested a fully customized e-commerce website. VNCI is a start-up brand of active-wear. They will sell an ample line of designer clothing for the active consumer. This is the apex of web-master services. This is the project we'll be tackling next. Very much looking forward to working with VNCI

Sr Pablo Bow Ties

Future Project. This client has requested a fully customized e-commerce website. Sr. Pablo ("SeƱor Pablo") is a custom, hand-made bowtie company out of Aurora, OR. Looking forward to getting their online presence started and their sales growing!


Just a few examples of what your site could look like

This is our show-off page. We can't claim credit for these specific designs, however, they are within our technical range. These layouts are just examples of what could be done for your new website. Any one of them could serve as inspiration for any given project. Or we can come up with something completely new.
Example 1 - Page Stack Navigation
Example 123 - "Retrospect"
Example 2 - Multi-Level Menu
Example 234 - Portfolio Site
Example 3 - Zoom Slider
Example 345 - Real Estate Site
Example 4 - Filterable Product Grid
Example 456 - Very Cool Portfolio Site
Example 5 - Grid Gallery Try reducing and expanding the window size!
Example 567 - Simple Business Site
Example 6 - Full Width Tabs
Example 678 - Another Business Site
Example 7 - On Scroll Effect
Example 789 - Photography Portfolio Site
Example 8 - Responsive Multi-Column Form


Pricing is very tricky with web-design. One thing that I simply cannot stand is going to a website to see how much something will cost me and not find the information that I need and then have to call or put something in my cart to see the price. Huge turn-off. I'd like to be able to give you a table with all the pricing info that you need here but I cannot. There are simply too many variables. Client needs run a lengthly gammut. Instead of a price breakdown, let me give you an approximation that may give you an idea of what to expect:

Basic business site$800$50
Ecommerce site$1900$150


Once again let me point out; Each client is a new job, with a new contract, with new requirements and prices that are negotiated in to the job as a whole. For example, If you wanted me to set up a Facebook for your business but you also wanted a fully customized Ecommerce website, I probably wouldn't charge you a set-up fee for the Facebook. Another example, if you already have a website but want to separately hire me to set up and manage your business Facebook, and then wanted me to also reply customer enquiries (most without your help, like what time are you closing today), and say you also wanted to just be able to email me a pic to post to facebook and for me to write the caption, and say you also wanted me to copyright your advertisement text to accompany the Facebook post with your pic... then the monthly fee would be at the higher end of the spectrum. It could go even higher if you wanted, for example, management of paid advertisement campaigns, google advertising campaigns... All those things take time and would require an appropriate service package that we would negotiate just for you. The same thing can be expected with web-design requirements. If you wanted for me to literally design and manage a pinterest-like site for you, where people could open an account then upload their pics and things, $1900/$150 would NEVER cover it. On the other hand, if you wanted an Ecommerce site "with cheating", like using shopify or ebay/amazon checkout or easy-cart, the price could come down from the $1900 above. You see? It all depends. And the factors involved are literally limitless. That is why each job has to be individually negotiated with each client.